The Functions of a Fund Manager

Being a fund manager is a big responsibility as another individual trusts you to look after their funds. Therefore it is a job that you not only have to be qualified but it is also a job in which you have to take seriously.

Who is a Fund Manager?

An expert fund manager is someone who invests in a variety of investment funds. A fund manager is hired to look after a managed fund which is an investment fund. A managed fund allows your money along with the money of other investors to be pooled together which results in one single fund and one of the advantages of a single fund is the benefit of the buying strength instantly increasing.

The Client 

If you are one of the fund managers Melbourne has to offer then you will be getting clients coming to you for advice about their funds. Before you can decide how are going to help your client you first need to make sure that you know exactly what your client wants. Therefore it is important that you listen to your client. Once you do agree to take on a client it is important that you commit to giving your full attention to the client.


In order for one to be able to predict what the client should do in terms of finances, you have to first do your research. As the stock market is constantly changing it is important for you to do your research in order to understand how the market needs to be tackled. It is important that you not only do your research but it is also important that you are efficient. For example, by being a fund manager, factors such as the clients buying strength will depend on the kind of deal you are able to get for your client. Therefore in order to negotiate the best possible deal for a client, you need to be efficient and alert.


A managed fund allows access to an investment that provides investing opportunities. This is a benefit because without a managed fund the investor would not have access to these investing opportunities. A managed fund also opens investment opportunities that would not have been open to the client as an individual. Therefore, pooling money with other investors opens other investment opportunities for the individual.

The Risk

Although a managed fund does have its benefits like many other things in this world it does also have its risks. Therefore it would be beneficial to the investor if he or she is aware of these risks before they invest.  One can learn about the risks either by doing research or having the process explained to them by a fund manager. It is important to communicate with one’s fund manager because throughout the process one may have a lot of questions. Therefore the investor needs to be able to actively communicate with their fund manager in order to understand the process.


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