Why Newly Constructed Homes Still Require Third-Party Building Inspections

Buyers are often blinded by the fact a home has only recently been constructed. You may be thinking, ‘hey, it’s almost, if not, brand new, and therefore there surely can’t be anything wrong with the property.

Unfortunately, this is often a fallacy we trick ourselves into believing because we want to purchase a home that is new. After all, a new home can’t contain any structural faults, can it? Well, it’s a. Sad reality of the modern construction industry that they most certainly can.

It is still necessary to enlist the services of a building inspections professional to ensure that the brand-spanking new property doesn’t contain any poorly constructed faults, and this will ensure that you don’t have to pay thousands in repairs down the track.

Precise Property Inspections is the premier provider of licenced, thorough building inspections in the Adelaide region, and we would like to share with you the importance of having your potential purchase inspected by the experts.


Modern Homes Are Often Poorly Constructed

 With a highly competitive housing market and more people looking to live within the Adelaide region, it is a sad reality that the quality of construction has gone down. Construction companies are often in a rush to complete the building of a property in order to quickly move onto the next one and this, in turn, works in their favour. If a property is built quickly, allowing the construction company to quickly move onto the next one, there is more money for them, with the quality of the previous build wavering.

We here at  often find that recently built properties are the ones that contain greater structural faults due to the poor standard of workmanship on the property. Questionable plumbing, rushed electricity jobs and all manners of framing flaws are just some of the faults we come across at new builds, and its needless to say we receive praise from the buyer for inspecting the property before they rush into buying.

 Which leads us to our next point…


Agents Will Convince You That Because a Property is New, It’s Flawless

 A real estate agent will constantly reassure you of the value of a property because you are the first buyer. They will emphasise the point that because the property is new it simply cannot contain any structural faults. This is a sneaky little trick agents play on prospective buyers to rush them into a purchasing a property without taking the time to consider any structural faults.

It is important not to fall for this trick and have the property surveyed by a respected, licenced building inspections provider, and this will ensure that the property, albeit new, doesn’t contain any faults.


Contact the Experts

We here at Property Inspections hate it when we hear about homeowners, who were the first to purchase a property, have to fork out thousands in repair bills because they believed the property was new and flawless, and therefore we work on behalf of these buyers to ensure this doesn’t happen.


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